Wild God

(found this the other day. don’t remember where it came from. it could have been written by me, it so closely matches my thoughts)

God of the Wild,
you are different from what I expected.
I cannot predict you.
You are too free to be captured
for the sake of my understanding.
I can’t find you in the sentimentalism of religion.
You are everywhere I least expect to find you.
You are not the force that saves me from
the pain of living;
you are the force that brings me life
even in the midst of pain.

Wild One,
You surprise me, again and again,
demolishing the pretense that for even a moment
I could have You figured out.Delightfully unpredictable,
You are too free to be caged
by my paltry understanding.

All the years searching for You,
and now, everywhere I look, You are there.
In the unexpected places,
in the face of the wretched,
in the depths of my own despair,
in the beauty and depravity,
in the stillness between breaths,

You are the space between
everything that is
and everything that is not.
You are all that makes up the Universe.
You are the Universe.
but beyond the Universe.
You are the black matter, you are the black holes.
You are what makes all things connected.
You are the darkness before light rises,
you are my face before I had a face.

You are not the force that saves me
from hardship, strife, and pain.
You are the drops of life
transforming both joy and pain.

What if God was more
than my puny brain and understanding can fathom?
What if God was a Wild Thing that cannot be described, caged, or understood?
What if this Wild One is different from I expected?
Could it be that the One that I searched for all these years
is everything?
And beyond everything?

The Universe. And beyond the universe.
The matter, the black matter, the black holes.
The 99.99999999999996% of empty space in an atom, what if?
What if this wild Unknown is God?

What if this Wild One cannot be explained,
or called dibs on?

What if all religions are wrong?
What if we all have a tiny piece of the pie?