A simple morning practice

The last several weeks, I’ve been waking up, lying in bed, thinking of Anthony. Snapshot moments, conversations, memories. I let myself drift and be sad and grieve. Sometimes it can be hard to get off on the right foot after starting the day this way, but it has felt right.

Now it’s time to shift my waking process and return to a morning mantra practice. Here is a simple one, and it’s in English! Nothing spooky about this process – it’s a well established fact that our words influence our physiological and emotional response. This is simply a way of training the brain to respond to the practice and build the neural pathways that will support it.

Still lying, or sitting up, I take a moment to connect with my breath. The mantra is simple. I am energized. I am focused. Inhale with the thought I am energized. Exhale with the thought I am focused. Repeating this simple mantra with the breath for several minutes, there begins to be a change. As the brain absorbs the message, it sends the word out to the body and mind and there begins to be shift into a place of creative potential. Practiced several times a week, the new neural pathways become more established and what was a 4 or 5 minute practice becomes a minute or less,  delivering  vitality and a gentle determination into the  morning.