Perfect Tenderness

The man cradles the newborn son, and in the blink of an eye, is cradled by the son in turn. Son becomes father, father becomes son. The circle of life breaks us all open to love in the end.
It is bitter and sweet, unbearably joyous and so profoundly sad you will weep oceans. The perfect joy and the perfect sorrow, both held in perfect tenderness. This strange power in gentleness, this outrageous strength in stillness.
Bliss not as the absence of pain, but the space for it.
The storm rages on, yes, and our certainties are shattered one by one, yet we allow ourselves to grieve, and we stay so very close to the living moment, finding preciousness in impermanence itself.
This is the path of the courageous, or at least the path of those who cannot walk any other, or at least the path of those who are tired of paths.
We may be heartbroken, our dreams may be buried in dust, but we cannot be broken.

Jeff Foster
marline van der ejik
(art ~ marline van der ejik)