Faux fall

Recently, I made a decision to walk on any day I am able. Revolutionary! Added a large scoop of well-being into the daily mix! There are days when I can’t walk: the pain is too constant or the fatigue is overwhelming or I need to stay close to the “facilities”.

But most days, I can walk. Although I have pain every day, it usually isn’t constant. I can walk when it lets up. On days when the fatigue is a battle, I can take a slow stroll up the block and back. Most days, I’ve been walking 20-30 minutes. I follow what my body tells me. The combination of exercise and spending time outdoors has invigorated me. Being so often home, cabin fever can brew after too much time indoors. This has been a sort of trap for me, feeling too ill to go anywhere or do much of anything has led to me being too inactive and too often inside. Getting outside is lovely.

Today was beautiful, so I walked for 45 minutes. That is pretty huge for me. I could hardly bear to stop! I came home and sat on the porch, reading and journaling. A delicious 65 degrees with only a slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky. The blue was so deep and warm. Paul Newman’s eyes. Several times along the way, I noticed small, fragile wildflowers springing to a short life, delicate petals of yellow and lavender. By Sunday there will be a couple of days in the mid-70s and the butterflies will take wing.

Within another week, the highs will once again be in the 50s. Cooler weather months are such fun here in the panhandle. A few days or even weeks of brisk weather, then a little break with warmer days. People complain about the cold here, with the high humidity that causes the damp chill to go inside instead of brushing the surface, and it really is a different kind of cold. But it isn’t really all that cold most of the time. To this Midwestern girl with mostly German blood, this time of year is a balm to my soul.

I used to moan and pine for fall. It is the season I miss with all my heart. The last few years, I began to appreciate the cooler weather months here as very fall-like. Not a true fall, there is no replacing that. But glorious in its own way. I suffer through month after month of relentless, stifling heat, but as a consolation to my soul I have an extended faux fall!