notes from my journal 7/28/12

The instant fish accept

that they have no arms

they grow fins.


Before we can accept what we are meant to be,  we must accept what we are not.  As Father Thomas Keating said, “Discernment is a process of letting go of what we are not.”  So, there is a letting go of grand fantasies that take us out of our true nature — that make us work to be famous instead of loving or perfect instead of compassionate.  Instead, accepting what is not in our nature, we are suddenly freed to develop what is our true nature!  The very act of acceptance is what sets us free!

I have been doing a lot of accepting lately — accepting that many, even most, of my dreams of what my life would be are probably not going to happen.  I probably won’t ever have a legit career or a college diploma.  I probably won’t be uber-successful financially or well known or do any grand work like write a book or become a shrink.  I probably won’t travel the world or maybe even this country (again).  I’ll not return to the clear, unlined skin of youth or the supple body or health or energy of the young.

But if I truly accept these things, if I let go of these expectations, I may just find resources rushing in from deep within me to sculpt what is real into being.  Like when Michelangelo sculpted and he saw a block and set free what was within by chiseling away the excess, what was not real, to release the thing of beauty within.

Let go.  Let go.  Again the mantra – let go.  Let go of dreams.  Let go of expectations.  Let go of the past.  Let go of the future.  Let go of worry, anxiety, fear, dread.  Be.  Just be.  Let go and be.

Breathe.  Let the simplicity of your life give you joy.  Little things.   You’ve already let go of so much.  Let go of it all!  Release yourself into the magic and the power of the unknown.  Let go.  Life will happen, regardless of your clinging.  Follow its siren song or be drug along anyway.