Rant inspired by a broken heart

Love Revived

I give this guy credit.   He is making a serious effort to love. Unfortunately, there are few who are able to cling to what they think inerrancy of scripture means and still follow the mandate within those scriptures to love without limit, expectation or exception. That is where the rubber meets the road and that is where the problem comes in.

{The issue of civil rights for all of humanity has been dear to my heart all of my life and will always be one of my most firmly held beliefs. I’ve been struggling with the words to convey some of my feelings about the position of some within church on this (including some of my loved ones). I have much to say and want to share it with love, but that will be another day. Today, I watched helplessly while someone I love like my own skin wept at this video. I’m angry. Today, I rant.}

I don’t know why this is so hard. Think. Think for just a moment with me. Consider the way the church eventually re-interpreted scripture dealing with slavery and a woman’s place, not to mention the adjustments in interpretation that have been made over the centuries because of scientific discoveries. Yet every time, Every Single Time, the church dug in its heels and stubbornly chose to hold to an outdated interpretation of scripture. Christians, God’s representatives on the earth, held up their bibles and used “the inerrancy of scripture” to deny the civil rights of human beings, then as now. Slavery was accepted and fought for using the bible, but that’s been awhile and perhaps the church has filed that in the “forget about it” bin along with all the other sins against humanity it has perpetrated…but women had to fight for the right to vote in the very recent past and inter-racial marriage was still illegal in the very recent past. Surely we haven’t already forgotten that it was the church leading the call to injustice, using the bible yet again to justify bigotry and inequality by taking a few verses and interpreting them without any consideration for context, cultural changes or scientific discoveries. But while the injustices against women and people of color caused the church to rethink hundreds of scriptures, the question of sexual orientation has fewer verses to rethink than the fingers on your hands, including the ones that are easily discounted. Jeez. Come on, people! Say it with me: Context. Culture. Science. Or at least say this: God has called me to Love.

Learn from the past. Think of all that is at stake. Think of all those who have been turned away from the church and have lost all hope for redemption… because of the church. Educate yourselves on the issue; don’t just parrot what you’ve been taught! Think of the wounded, the outcast, the broken.   Who did your Christ come for? Who did he hang with while he walked the earth?

All of these lives. Don’t they merit the time it would take to rethink what God would want, what Jesus would do? What of science? Don’t say this is a choice. It has been definitively decided. It is not. If you won’t believe the testimony of thousands around you, (who live a life that is made horrific by homophobia, by the way, and who would choose that?) believe science. Get your head out of the sand.

And stop saying you love me “no matter what”, as if you are doing me a favor by being gracious enough to extend your love to me even though I am a sinner. Why are you so superior? Aren’t you just like me? Why do you think your sinfulness is purer than anyone else’s?

And just for the record, the “tolerance” of which you are so proud? It’s insulting. What if (gasp) being queer isn’t even a sin? What if I was knit together in my mother’s womb just as I am, orientation and all? What if your assertion that God makes no mistakes means that God made me just as I am, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made just as I am, and that I am embraced and bathed in his love just as I am – with no need to change to become acceptable to my Creator? Why do you think I need to change to become acceptable to you?

For God’s sake, stop breaking his heart and stop bringing untold pain and suffering to his children. Choose love. God is love. Take the whole counsel of the Word. Love triumphs over hatred. The letter kills but the Spirit gives life. Knowledge puffs up but love edifies. Choose love. And if you are ever brave enough to discuss the tiny handful of relevant scriptures with me, I will be ready. I’ve been ready for years. Bring it.

Rant over.