notes from my journal: spiritual assessment

(notes from my journal)

Spiritual practice assessment March 2014

  • poetry/sacred writings/spiritual books:  Come to these first thing, with your coffee.  Use them to jump-start journaling.
  • journaling:  Doing pretty well on these first two, not picking up my phone first thing, not checking facebook.
  • meditation:  My goal is a daily practice.  Right now I probably average 4 times a week.  Too hit and miss, not enough commitment and focus.  Got off track by trying to meditate after yoga and I can’t always do yoga practice.  So, meditation first, yoga next or later.  Also, want to incorporate more metta prayers, more insight or wisdom meditation along with the regular meditation.  Considering using a meditation journal.
  • yoga:  Again, more commitment and focus is needed.  Incorporate restorative yoga for the times when I am unable to have a regular yoga practice because of illness or pain.  Since my head is often very fuzzy at these times, plan ahead with study of postures and props.  Utilize restorative yoga, breath work, music and aroma to work with pain.
  • mindfulness:  Yeah, get on that.  You scared of the now or something?  Yes, it’s terrifying but also exhilarating and peaceful and full and LIFE.  It’s life, dammit.  Better to be awake, aware, and engaged in this moment.
  • love:  Incorporate more metta (lovingkindness) prayers.  Check yourself daily – am I open-hearted?  Do I have expectations?  Am I being judgmental or am I willing to love someone different from me, seeing through their eyes, aware of the sacred within them?  Are my hands open in generosity or closed in fear?  Am I listening deeply?

paul caponigo