the movement

I read today about the emergence of a movement, one rising from the ground up, a worldwide network of NGOs (non-government organizations) that is arising spontaneously in response to a global crisis that threatens humanity and our planet, along with all the other earthlings that make their home on this ball hurtling through space.

I found it encouraging to read about organizations of all sizes, from billion-dollar to single person organizations – between one and two million of them addressing environmental issues and working for social justice. We don’t hear about it in the news, but it is happening quietly all around the globe. It has been compared to the immune response in a human, all of these NGOs quietly going about their business of healing.

I especially enjoyed reading the difference between globalization and corporization. Globalization brings connection and understanding through the exchange of cultures, music, religions, food, etc. Corporization is a five-hundred-year old domination of people, communities and countries for the sole purpose of profit. Virtually all of the wars and acts of genocide in the last five centuries have been all about money and behind all of them are corporations. Corporization is the raping of our planet’s resources and the obliteration of local cultures by market fundamentalism.

It was the most encouraging thing I have heard  in years. Perhaps we will quietly defeat Goliath with millions of tiny Davids. Perhaps if we all keep our eyes and hearts open to small ways in which we can make a difference, a collective impact will be felt that can save us yet. What do you have passion about? The environment? Indigenous peoples? Women and children in third world countries? Protecting or restoring cultures that have been or are being swept away? Factory farms, with their inhumane treatment of our fellow earthlings and the devastation of the environment? Destruction of rain forests? Female genital mutilation? Sex slavery? There are so many causes, so much pain and suffering. It can feel overwhelming, but it need not be. What causes your heart to break? Take that thing, that suffering, and work to bring healing. Maybe it will be meditating or praying. Maybe you will find a group of like-minded warriors to join up with. Maybe you will use your art, your music, your words. Maybe you will use your tenderness, your smile, your hospitality. Millions of people, millions of small actions, and a civilization and a world might be saved.