Oh, Library, how I love you

Thrilled! I just put 8 books on hold at the library. Quite a take! How amazing is it that I can find a book I want to read, get on the computer and place it on hold to pick up in a few days? Such a wonderful thing. I am so thankful for the miracle and gift of the library.

Here is what I put on hold:

*Two books by Amy Tan, one of my favorite writers. One is the newest of her novels, “The Valley of Amazement”, the other a memoir that I somehow missed, “The Opposite of Fate: A Book of Musings”.

*A collection of novels and short stories by Patricia Highsmith.

*A book jammed with the writings of Nora Ephron, “The Most of Nora Ephron”.

*The new Wally Lamb, “We are Water”.

*Two books by Thomas Merton.

*”A Taste of Heaven and Earth”, a cookbook with essays and ink drawings to show a Zen approach to cooking and eating.

Again, yay! Thank you, library! I love you.