Every moment is your teacher

Amrit Desai: If you want to experience the joyous ecstasy that life offers, there is one commitment that is absolutely fundamental-the commitment to live it in the moment. With that commitment as your guiding focus, whatever you do in your daily life is part of your transformational process. Your commitment to living in the moment becomes your vehicle for spiritual growth.

Living in the moment, however, is the most dangerous situation anybody ever faces in life, because everything you have ever avoided is revealed to you when you live in the moment. You get to face all the denied contents of your subconscious as they reappear again and again through the events of your life.


According to Elvin Semrad, the process of individuation is to acknowledge, experience, and bear the reality of your life. I would add that the way to “bear” your life – all of these experiences coming at you full force without the numbing effect of “being somewhere else” – is to create a container to hold life in such a way that you are not shattered by it. What is needed is a calmly abiding center as the home base you can return to again from the sometimes treacherous travels into naked experience. To many, this container is fashioned of prayer, attendance to holy writings, time spent in the presence or contemplation of deity. For me, in this moment of time, the container is formed through the contemplative practices of meditation, mindfulness, reflection, poetry. Having had one container shattered, I am full of gratitude to have learned to fashion this new container, one in which I can return to a sense of centeredness from which to explore the wonder and the despair of being human.