Trust in the Process

About a decade ago, while sitting in meditation, I had this flash of what I will call a waking-dream, for lack of a better word. Coming across it today, I am overwhelmed by the encouragement of the vision and by the way it has come to pass in my inner life.

While sitting quietly, I suddenly saw myself in a house. I had left the room that had been my old life and was standing in the hallway. I was trying to break out of this old life and into the new. I had the sense that I had been in the hall for quite some time. Another door stood before me. The door opened and instead of a room I saw endless space…stars, moons, limitless space and I was afraid. Afraid to step through this doorway into the vastness of this unknown, like stepping off a cliff into utter darkness. As I stood before the door I began to see what my initial fear had blinded me to. I saw the ground. There now, that’s not so bad after all. Solid ground to walk on, stars and moon to guide me. Just before it ended I noticed I even held a flashlight in my hand.

The lesson here seems obvious. Trust in the ground to be there. Trust that the moon and stars will light my way. Trust that I will have a flashlight, that I will have the tools that I need to find my way. Trust that my path leading out of the house is the right one, the only one.