on being a part of the Whole


I’d like to pray, but I don’t believe anyone is listening.  Is this my only option?


Prayer is a conversation between my smaller self and my larger Self, the self that feels apart from the Whole and the Self that knows we are all part of the Whole.  When I pray, my smaller self verbalizes its deepest thanks, hopes, fears, and concerns, and it listens for my larger Self to open these to the truth of my oneness with all life.

(From Spirituality and Health, Rabbi Rami Shapiro)


Rabi Shapiro is a self-avowed panentheist.  This is different from a pantheist, who sees God in everything and equates God with everything.  A panentheist sees God (however named) in all things and beyond all things, the animating source behind all life and the Whole of which we are a part.  I find this to be an intriguing concept and worthy of further study.  It leaves room for the insights gained from many spiritual paths and doesn’t conflict with a “don’t know” mind.  When I read thoughts like this, I find hope in deepening and enriching my practice with an openness to self with a capital S, to an idea of a Big Mind or an ocean to my wave.