The Long Road

It’s one of those highways you come across late at night.  No signs.  No arrows.  Just a road running north and south.  You pause.  You look one way.  Then the other.  Nothing.  Only the hum of the engine, the chirping of crickets confirm you are here.  You can’t remember where you’ve been.  Where you are going.  If it weren’t for the lines drawn through the middle, you’d think you were drifting down a river.  Or stumbling upon a path through the sky.  Remember.  It is a moonless night.  You are tired.  Hungry.  No one to talk to.  Afraid what you were thinking might have come true.  You look to your left again.  Perhaps you see a mountain.  An ocean.  A lover you wish you hadn’t lost.  Spirits that seem so familiar, drifting in from the dark.  You wait in that silence.  It may be years before it is safe to proceed.  ~David Shumate