Ode To My Shower

twi chi

Ah, the glory of a morning shower! Why do I so often not appreciate it? It capsulizes all that is good in this life. Comfort, cleansing, renewal, a fresh start. Not to mention an amusement park for the senses.

I love to start the water out a little hot. Not too hot, that is just uncomfortable. Who wants to feel sweaty in the shower? Just hot enough to soothe the knots out of my muscles. I stand for a minute, letting the hot spray course over my head and letting its tiny fingers work their way into any residual tension in my neck and shoulders. Ah, the neck and shoulders. What a playground. So sensitive to both tension and touch.

The bright, fruity scent of my shampoo fills the steamy rectangle of my shower as I linger over my hair. Just loving it, no judgment. Just the pleasure of scratching…

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