what’s your excuse?

I was doing pretty good with my health goal of walking.  I was up to walking about 5 times a week when I was well and when I was sick I would still walk, even if it wasn’t very far or fast.

But the 98 degree temps have put a stop to that.  Not wanting to give up on my goals, I ordered 2 workout videos.  One is from The Firm.  It looks so tough I’ll probably just be able to do the warm-up to start.  The other is a Bollywood Dance video.  Looks fun.  They came in the mail a couple of weeks ago.

I keep meaning to do them.  Then I eat something and need to wait, or I sit on the couch and start a book or a tv show….

Then, a moment ago, I came across this:

Um…okay.   The time to work out is…now.