I want to dream of cows tonight (repost)

 (came across this…still love the poem and the thoughts on impermanence helped me get through a tough day, again.  First posted 1/12/10)


feeling down today. sometimes it all gets to me, ya know? ah well, this, too, shall pass. tomorrow is another day. tomorrow i’ll remember how lucky i am to have this precious life. i won’t be filled with regrets and sorrows, won’t be sad or blue, won’t be overwhelmed or anxious. i’ll be back to being zen with where i am right now. being poor will go back to being an opportunity to evade materialism and being ill will return to its place of honor as the holy reminder to breathe, to be in my body, to slow down and experience this precious life.  being lonely for friend and family will return to the quiet pleasure of solitude and twisted worries and frettings over past and future will fade back into a calm focus on what is here, now. 

i should be glad for a moment like this.  it points out to me how wonderful i usually feel.  it reminds me how lucky i am.

She dreamed of cows ~ Norah Pollard

I knew a woman who washed her hair and bathed
her body and put on the nightgown she’d worn
as a bride and lay down with a .38 in her right hand.
Before she did the thing, she went over her life.
She started at the beginning and recalled everything—
all the shame, sorrow, regret and loss.
This took her a long time into the night
and a long time crying out in rage and grief and disbelief—
until sleep captured her and bore her down.

She dreamed of a green pasture and a green oak tree.
She dreamed of cows. She dreamed she stood
under the tree and the brown and white cows
came slowly up from the pond and stood near her.
Some butted her gently and they licked her bare arms
with their great coarse drooling tongues. Their eyes, wet as
shining water, regarded her. They came closer and began to
press their warm flanks against her, and as they pressed
an almost unendurable joy came over her and
lifted her like a warm wind and she could fly.
She flew over the tree and she flew over the field and
she flew with the cows.

When the woman woke, she rose and went to the mirror.
She looked a long time at her living self.
Then she went down to the kitchen which the sun had made all
yellow, and she made tea. She drank it at the table, slowly,
all the while touching her arms where the cows had licked.