March 10

Look at the lovely flowers Tam brought to me on our anniversary.  Looking at them today reminds me of our first “date”, the day we call our anniversary until equality comes and we can marry.

She looked both shy and eager, standing there in the moonlight.  We talked for hours, our eyes rarely meeting.  She looked at her shoes.  I shot furtive glances at her.

Every nerve tingled.  The air was fragrant with a sweetness that held promises like a bouquet of wild flowers clutched in a lover’s outstretched hand.  I felt the tilt of the earth, the crashing of cosmic tectonic plates.  Continents were shifting within me, tsunami rising.  Yet my mind was clear.  Terrified, yes, and paralyzed with shyness, but my mind held it’s clarity. 

This was a moment unlike any other I had ever experienced.  A coming home.  A dawning after a long, dark night.  Like a baby, I felt my soul being pushed and pummeled through the long birthing canal into light, into life.  Life, at last.

Each breath filled my lungs with the hot, wild song of life.  My heart grew spacious, overtaking the past with it’s failures and disappointments.  Now was the beginning.  I threw the shutters open and welcomed the day, this first day of my living.  My love, my life stood before me, shy and eager.  So we began.